Faii Ong – Meet the Inventor of The Stabilizing Glove for Involuntary Hand Tremors  

Those suffering from nerve disorders like Parkinson’s Disease have essential tremors that cause involuntarily shaking in the hands. It affects the quality of their life as it becomes challenging for them to carry out daily tasks like eating, bathing, etc., without dropping or spilling things. In order to boost their quality of life and help them stabilize their hands, GyroGear, a leading name in wearable technology solutions and products, has stepped in to help them with GyroGlove, a special stabilizing glove infused with gyroscopes to control hand tremors for a better life.


Faii Ong – How does GyroGlove help patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremors?


Faii Ong is the Founder and CEO of GyroGear, the company behind his invention of the now popular GyroGlove. He was inspired to develop this unique glove in England after seeing a 103-patient struggling to drink her soup for nearly half an hour. Due to the involuntary hand tremors, she spilled most of her soup. When he asked the nurses how they were tackling the condition, they replied they could not do much as she was too old, had memory loss, and medications were not responding.   He was moved and utterly shocked at this incident. This made him ponder that despite being at medical school in class, he and the rest of the students never learned about essential tremors. Approximately 200 million people are living with it every day in their lives.


He remembered his days as a child playing with toys that have gyroscopes in them- the same technology you find in satellites and rockets. This prompted him to do something for patients suffering from essential tremors, and the concept of GyroGear and GyroGlove was born.


The glove intended to stabilize the lives of people


The GyroGlove is placed on the back of the patient’s hand and needs to be turned on. The spinning gyroscope combats the tremor while soothing the shakes. He says the gloves use the same technology that aerospace uses. The gyroscope grade is the same as the one used in aerospace. It is more or less like a spinning top-, the one you used to play with as a child. The top needs to spin constantly to stand upright. This same technique has been used in the gloves. This means when you experience involuntary shakes in your hand, the spinning gyroscopes instantly counteracts this shake to smoothen it out. The shake is canceled automatically, leading to better stability of the hand.


Dr. Faii Ong, with the mission to develop this innovative product further, has even put his lucrative career on hold so that he gets medical approval from the EU and USA soon. When patients wear this glove, they get the chance to improve their fine motor skills. The glove helps them do daily chores independently. Its sole motto is to give them the power to regain control over their hands and dignity of life so that they can live independently without needing help constantly for even simple things like eating, dressing, holding items, etc.