Michael Coppola Talks About The Importance Of Cyber Security

While an increasing number of people have started to rely heavily on diverse new-age digital technologies across the world today, the risks of cybercrime continue to escalate. Hence, proper cyber security solutions are needed by almost all people in the contemporary environment, especially the businesses that largely use the internet and digital systems for their daily operations.  Michael Coppola defines cyber security basically as the practice of protecting data, systems, networks, and hardware from various types of digital attacks.  This practice deals with the monitoring, analysis, and management of diverse types of cyber threats, with the aim of protecting the system and data of a user.

Society today has become more technologically reliant than ever before, and this trend is unlikely to slow down any time soon in the future. Michael Coppola points out that this factor has provided a great boost to the need for comprehensive cyber security solutions. Cyber-attacks can be designed to access, delete, or extort information of an organization or sensitive data of a particular user. Businesses organizations can especially face great losses if they do not use a comprehensive cyber security solution to protect their system and data.

Here are a few points highlighted by Michael Coppola that discusses why business organizations need cyber security solutions:

  • Protect the business: The biggest and most obvious advantage of cyber security solutions is that they can provide the needed digital protection to a business. This shall enable the employees of the company to surf the internet freely as per their requirement, while being assured that they are not at risk from any potential threats.
  • Protects personal and sensitive information: One of the most vital and valuable communities of this digital age are sensitive personal information, such as bank account details. In case a virus is able to acquire personal information related to the customers or employees of a company, they are quite likely to sell this data or use it to steal their money.
  • Allow employees to work safely: Company employees have to be always vigilant about the risk from a potential cyber-attack while surfing on the web, in the absence of a proper digital security solution. If, unfortunately, their system becomes infected, it can end up hampering their productivity and work quality.  Viruses can slow down the speed of computers to quite an extent, making working on them practically impossible. This would waste a lot of time of the company employees, and may even bring the whole business to a standstill.

Michael Coppola mentions that cyber security solutions are also needed to prevent a company website from going down. Many companies today host their own website. In case the system of such companies becomes infected, there are chances that their website shall be forced to shut down. This may ultimately cause a lot of loss in business for the firm. Hence, it is necessary that they have proper cyber security systems in place.