William Sherlund – Learning the Art of Krav Maga For Combat

Several self-defense techniques are taught across the globe, and one of them that leads the list is Krav Maga. This widely popular self-defense technique has its origins in Israel and is one of the best techniques you can learn for defending yourself. With this technique, you can counter even the most dangerous and scariest kinds of assault. Both men and women from across the world learn it.


William Sherlund is a trained and devoted expert in the field of martial arts, self-defense, and several executive protection techniques. He is the Founder of Gutter Fighting Services and teaches students in Krav Maga and other self-defense techniques.


He says that when it comes to the art of Krav Maga, you will find there are training classes across the globe that caters to every fitness level and lifestyle.  With it, you can even defend yourself from others carrying dangerous weapons like guns, knives, and other threatening blunt or sharp weapons. However, it does not train you for any competition that is based on rules.


You can learn self-defense techniques for the youth, opt for fitness-oriented fighting classes, or fighting focused classes for your needs. However, before you enroll in the classes, you first must know what Krav Maga is and why it is so popular among the self-defense techniques in the world today.


What is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga is a self-defense technique that is used by the military and the security forces in Israel. It was developed for training personnel in the military by the Israel Defense Forces for hand-to-hand fighting combat. It deploys instinctive movements to cater to counter attacks that are made aggressively. It nurtures a no-hold back mentality and does not have the ceremonial components of other traditional forms of martial arts.


This technique will teach the student to use kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and other diverse grappling techniques for self- defense. It is a fighting system that is quite practical and unique. It has been designed in a specific way to bring the student to a very high level of fighting proficiency when it comes to hand-to-hand combats and self-defense in a very brief duration of time.


Advantages of Krav Maga


This unique technique of self-defense has been designed to focus on efficiency, survival, and aggression.  The design philosophy is not the same as other conventional forms of martial arts like katas, forms, or competition rules. They actually are not present and have been completely omitted from Krav Maga.


William Sherlund sums up by pointing out that besides grappling and striking techniques, Krav Maga also teaches you several techniques like headbutts, strikes to the groin, and strikes to the back of the opponent’s head, throat strikes, and eye gouges. If you compare these techniques in any traditional martial arts contest or any sanctioned sports fight, they are illegal. This technique helps you to identify immediate threats or dangers. It largely banks on your natural body response and reaction so that you can counter and attack aggressively to the opponent’s vulnerable parts with success.